Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hare Creek Timber Harvest Plan

This plan is mostly north/west of forest Rd 450, from Rd 510 to west of old slide on Rd 450, and is bordered by private property on the west. This part of Rd 450 is used for recreation as a connector east to west from Simpson Ln to Rd 400 and from north to south from State Hwy 20 to Rd 500. Alternative routs that could be used during logging are east-west on Rd 500 and north-south on County Rd 408 both open to motor traffic. Cyclists use an old road in the plan as a connector trail between Rd 510 and Rd 450 that is to be used, in part, as a haul rd in the plan.

An access road exists from the end of Simpson Ln to Rd 510 through this plan. I have been told this is a private rd and the owner dose not allow recreational access. If an agreement could be made with the property owner this would improve access to the Forest.

In my opinion recreational access will be very similar to what we have now after this timber harvest plan is completed and possibly will improve.

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