Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Manley Gulch Bridges

Manley Gulch Trail bridges have been built using different construction methods and materials. Some have held up for a long time others have not.
The upper bridge is three ruff 8"x8"timbers set next to each other to cross a dry gulch. As this bridge aged it rotted become unstable with wide gaps between timbers. Users are now going through the dry gulch to avoid this bridge.
Some small plank bridges are being used with no problems at this time.
A log bridge using 4" logs fastened to 6" logs crossing a creek built 2 years ago has held up.
Another log bridge of similar construction crossing a creek farther down the trail had logs rot and break. This bridge was pulled out to allow trail users to pass through the creek.
One bridge is constructed from three 10" logs crossing a creek. The logs have rotted and large gaps have formed. An attempt to fill gaps with sticks and covering with soil was made . This is failing. Trail users have been using this bridge carefully.
Another bridge is constructed from two rail road rails crossing the creek with 2"x8" boards cut to fit between the rails. The boards started rotting at the ends and falling through the rails. New 2"x6" boards replaced some rotten boards. More boards have fallen through. Trail users are carefully using the bridge.
The lower bridge rotted to the point it was closed.
A new bridge was built using 2"x6" planks fastened to 6"x8" timbers crossing the creek. Trail users are using this bridge.

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