Friday, December 7, 2007


This is a great mushroom year! A free permit to collect mushrooms on JDSF is available at the office 802 North Main St. in Fort Bragg, CA

Gomphus floccous (Woolly Chanterelle)
Not edible
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Gregg said...

Gregg here.

I just finished removing the snagged trees off of Manly and Observation. Some very technical tree work, indeed. Risky. Not only that, but in three trips, I destroyed one derailleur and three hangers, along with four spokes. What a mess.

By the way, I think people should know that Jackson State has a new general plan. It includes possible changes to recreational areas. We need to get involved. The last thing I want to see here are no bike signs.

Anyways, happy trails.

Chris Clutton said...

Hi Gregg,
Thanks for your work on Manley Gulch and Observation trails! I have broken a few spokes on these trails myself. I have asked to be on the JAC and do not foresee any problems keeping trails open to bikes in JDSF. The bottom of Manley Gulch and Cookhouse Gulch are on State Parks and may be a problem. I am trying to get single tract trail open in State Parks and these are a few that are priority for me.